Gong Sound Experience & Energy Healing

Friday, March 13th : 7:00 - 8:30 PM


With George Monoson &

Denise Knutson

Suggested Love offering $20

Come join us for a Special and unique event; where George Monoson will be playing seven gongs, a variety of singing bowls, a crystal lyre, a sounding bowl, drums and other sound instruments. While you relax and bask in the vibrational frequencies and sound, Denise Knutson, energy healer, will be channeling divine energy to the group.

What to bring: For this event you can either sit in a chair or you can bring a yoga mat or blanket to lay on. Please bring an extra blanket to cover up with and a pillow for your comfort.

About Denise Knutson: Years ago, I experienced a very serious car accident which caused many unresolved and serious medical issues of all kinds for over 10 years. I was on dozens of medications and I was seeing many different specialists from around the Valley. Through a profound experience while meditating, I had a miraculous recovery of my physical body and through this self healing I was awakened to my path as an energy healer.

About George Monoson: George S. Monoson has a Master of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies from John F. Kennedy University. He has Certification in Sound Therapy from 9ways Academia, which entailed 125 hours of sound therapy training. He has completed Gong camp and the Art of the Zildjin (Gong Master Training) for a total of 215 hours of sound therapy certification at the same institution. Since his youth he has been interested in the unfolding of his inner life which entailed many different disciplines.

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