Interfaith Forum Q&A


Ageless Wisdom Teachings with Lou Schwartz ~ Jan. 27th 12:30 - 2:00 PM


Ageless Wisdom Teachings from Torkom Saraydarian (photo)

Lou and his family have been Valley residents for 32 years. His public charity provides grants for brain health – neuro technology programs, as science has shown that the brain holds a key to increasing much of our future potentials.

Lou has been a student of the Ageless Wisdom Teaching for 20 years. After studying world religions for some time, his interest was looking to apply the key themes that underlie all religions in order to be more useful in serving others. The Ageless Wisdom Teaching is not a religion, per se: it is set of principles that have been collected from the wisdom of human history that are tied together to help direct the gradual transformation of the individual and humanity.

These principles provide a system of training : programs and practices to direct our life experience to take on new challenges and expand our capabilities to serve. It is a process that is referred to as ‘Living Ethics’ and ‘Cultivation of the Heart.’

Lou’s program will be interactive – lecture, group discussion and visualization/meditation. For more information:

 $10 suggested love offering. Suite #102 Sanctuary. 

For more information contact Nazim Rashid 623.932.1385.