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Tami and Jason Engagement

Tami and Jason Engagement

Tami and Jason Engagement


Sunday, April 21, 2018

Ryan and Carol Wedding

Tami and Jason Engagement

Tami and Jason Engagement


June 22, 2018

Always Available

Tami and Jason Engagement

Always Available


Reverends Julianne and Manny  are available to meet and support you in creating a sacred ceremony for your special occasion.


Burning Bowl Ceremony at Year's end

The Burning Bowl Ceremony allows us to take assessment, identify and release that which no longer serves us.  We do this in terms of how we are living: our attitudes, behaviors, self concept, life situations, etc.. We write these down, and in the group, release them into a burning bowl so as to bear witness to our intention to let them go and them being gone.


Baby Blessings

Babies receive blessings in a loving ceremony.  We pledge our love and support to parents and child as they continue with us in community.

Baby blessings are one of many unique, individualized ceremonies that are creatively designed to acknowledge the many circles and cycles of life, and to recognize the spiritual identity and holy purpose of each soul. Ceremonies can be arranged at your convenience in your home, at another location, or in our Spiritual Center. 


Weddings / Celebrations of Life

Our ministers are committed to helping you create a memorable joining experience. Each ceremony will be personalized to honor your spiritual beliefs and lifestyle, as well as your cultural, religious and family traditions. Complete ceremony packages available upon request.

After A Memorial Service

"Julianne, Words cannot express our thankfulness for all you've done in this very difficult time. God Bless you."

"Thank you for bringing mom's spirit to life. You will forever be treasured in our hearts."


Spiritual Counseling is available with Rev. Julianne Lewis

To discuss your needs, call Rev. J @ 480-593-8798, email or use the contact form.

Your Ceremony

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