Our Music Ministry

  Our Music Ministry is comprised of a talented group of professional and semi-professional musicians.  We are grateful their time and the gift of music that week after week enriches our service and quite literally, “lifts us in song”.

Music Ministry

Jim Sorensen


Sim Sorensen is a cherished member of our music ministry, who provides song, including original compositions both with and without his own vocals  Jim also masterfully provides piano accompaniment to vocalists and is an essential member of any group of musicians who perform at Interfaith.

Chaplin Lori Elward


Lori Elward is a key instrument who performs heartfelt as well as comical songs for us. Lori is a performer.  She is actively involved in coordinating between the context of the Sunday message, the musicians, the power point and the congregation.

Tony Keyes


Here's one fine artist. Tony Keyes routinely enriches our service with his elegant, strong vocals and personal charm.  His voice and his interpretation of beautiful songs have oftentimes caused our eyes to overflow with tears from being so deeply touched.

Andrew Taylor, Jim and Tony


Andrew Taylor often joins in, aptly offering strong vocals and guitar to the group harmonies and performing his own compositions as well. Jim and Tony accompany him on this take.

Cliff Cordes, Jessie Rodriguez, Jay



Our very talented Cliff Cordes provides soloist and is a vital member of the band. You'll find Cliff on keyboards as well. Gifted Jessie Rodriguez skillfully provides bass accompaniment and can provide it upon request. Jay Steinberg is a frequent guest who graces us with his fine piano and original arrangements. 

Eddy, "Jr." Zavala


Eddy Zavala is a musician who adds drumming to our ensemble. Eddy also plays guitar, keyboards, composes and sings.  You'll often find him working the sound board, setting up and doing maintenance at Interfaith.  In addition, Eddy regularly cuts hair at the Child Crisis Center. 

Kenny Thames


Kenny is a talented pianist, composer and singer who is a regular guest.  He suitably takes his place at the piano and has on occasion,  provided a thoughtful, impassioned and humorous Sunday morning message.

Cindy Green


Cindy Green provides the sound of the drum, Native American flute, and tambourine. Cindy leads monthly drum circles and teaches drum making workshops so you can birth your own drum.

Julianne, Nazim, and Marrisa


Nazim Rashid brings the soulful tones of the saxello and Marrisa delights us with singing. Nazim offers music as well when he leads our Interfaith Forum Q & A every month.

Jim Sorensen

Enjoy this clip of our dear friend, multi-talented Jim Sorensen, who shares his compositions, piano and voice  in a variety of occasions,  including Sunday Celebration Services. August 12, 2018

Archived Videos

Jim Sorensen