Our Ministers ~ New Thought Ministers Recognizing Many Spiritual Paths


Reverend Julianne Lewis

Reverend Julianne affectionately known as Rev. J., has ministered and taught in various Church and Community settings for the past 26 years. Her personal beliefs, spiritual training, and study of the world's major religions have come together to form a rich tapestry of understanding and faith.  A highly skilled spiritual and life-issues counselor, Rev. J combines her chemical dependency training with a remarkable insight into human behavior that has a powerful and lasting impact on all of us. 

Ordained as an Independent New Thought minister in 1987, in 2003, Julianne received a second ordination as an Independent Unity Minister by the Federation of Practical Christianity.  She has a lively and passionate approach to Practical Christianity, New Thought/Ancient Wisdom and A Course in Miracles.  Rev. J offers insightful and inspired teaching that entertains, illuminates and challenges.  Her years of commitment to ministry and to her own spiritual practice, have deepened both her understanding and her ability so spark and sustain spiritual growth.

What people say about Rev. J

“Reverend Julianne is one of three Unity ministers I know, all of whom proclaim love and acceptance… and they practice it. She forgives my faults, loves and shows me respect.”

“Julianne speaks from her heart about real life issues. She is the heart of our community, and I am grateful for her in my life.”

" She delivers her message in such a way that truly touches my heart. She is knowledgeable about all types of beliefs and I learn, laugh, and cry during every service."

"Rev J is the most amazing woman I've ever known. Intelligent, creative and always has an open mind and accepts everyone for who they are."


Reverend Manny Aroz

Reverend Manny has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and Master of Arts in Native American Education from Arizona State University. He is retired from Arizona State University after 34.5 years. Areas of interest are mathematics, education and spirituality. He currently enjoys teaching pre-calculus for a Phoenix charter school high school.

Rev. Manny has been a certified prayer chaplain trainer since 2011. He strongly believes in the power of supplication and positive intentions. In March of 2014 he was ordained as a Reverend from the Lola Paul Mays Seminary affiliated with the Community Church of New Thought in Mesa, Arizona. He serves Interfaith CommUNITY Spiritual Center as Associate Minister.

Reverend Manny is quite the go-to guy. Not only is he involved with worship services and youth programs, he serves on the Board of Trustees, coordinates events and Sunday School, is the Prayer Ministry Leader, Prayer Chaplaincy Instructor, and all-‘round Jack-of-all-trades. Manny takes care of one thing after another with the facility and the services. You’ll even see him at the sound board many Sundays. And lastly, he keeps our facility secure as he negotiates our lease agreements and communicates with the property manager for all concerns. 

What People Say About Reverend Manny

 "I love Manny’s strong commitment to his own spiritual growth and the spiritual growth of those in our congregation.  He is a gift to all of us."

 "Reverend Manny is a gifted teacher, an enthusiastic and skilled leader.  

"Rev. Manny is a gentle giant with a giant heart who is always willing to help.

He says, 'No worries', and it works . . . no worries."