Teddy Bear Ministry, Etc.


The donating and collecting of new and "slightly used" Teddy Bears goes on throughout the  year.  "Fifth Sundays" are "Teddy Bear Sundays" and people lovingly donate Teddies for this ministry.


According to the Tale,


when President Teddy Roosevelt traveled to Mississippi in 1902, his hosts, wanting to please this avid hunter, took him bear hunting.   The hunting was so poor that someone finally captured a bear and invited Roosevelt to shoot.  A comic about Roosevelt’s refusal to fire at such a helpless target inspired Morris and Rose Michtom of Brooklyn, New York, to make a stuffed bear in honor of the president’s actions.  The Michtoms name their bear “Teddy’s Bear” and placed the sweet innocent-looking toy in the window of their candy and stationery store.  Everyone fell in love… and a new and enduring tradition was born.

 In the fall of 2000, Rev. Julianne and Chaplain Joan Oldenburg created the Teddy Bear, Etc. Ministry at Interfaith CommUNITY for the purpose of sharing joy, celebration and comfort.   Our Teddy Bears and other furry friends have extended their love around the world - from Arizona to Ground Zero in New York, as well as to China, Afghanistan, Iraq, Latvia and South America.  


Our motto: "Bears don’t judge but only provide love."


These Furry Ministers provide cuddly compassion, unconditional acceptance, and pure love in times of celebration, challenge, sorrow and joy!

The Teddy Bear Ministry continues today, with volunteers distributing our fuzzy friends anywhere the need arises.  We welcome donations of new and gently loved stuffed animals of all shapes and sizes, which are then cleaned and made ready to distribute wherever they can be truly helpful. When there is a 5th Sunday in a month, we have a special CommUNITY blessing for these cuddly messengers of LOVE! 

For more information, please  submit the form on "Contact Us".

Where do all the bears go?

Child Crisis Center and Save the Family; Area Hospitals


Our Teddies regularly go where they can be given to children and adults who have been hospitalized or who are dealing with an experience of loss or  some kind of sensitive experience.  



Teddy Bears are routinely and spontaneously given to children and adults alike, as situations call for it, wherever they may be.

Fire Department


Teddy Bears are given to the fire department for their use every month.