Donate through PayPal


Donate with PayPal

Make your donation with PayPal using your PayPal account, debit or credit card.  Many find this a convenient way to make a donation on a monthly recurring or one time basis.  

Ways to Donate That Don't Cost You a Thing

Frys Donates 3%


Make Interfaith CommUNITY your Community Rewards Organization associated with your VIP card.  Each time you shop and present your VIP card for purchases Interfaith CommUNITY receives a donation for 3% of your purchase.

eScrip Donates 1 to 20 %


Earn money for Interfaith  while you shop, dine out, or travel. Every time you use your debit or credit card registered with eScrip at an eScrip participating business partner, the church receives  the donation percent offered by the business partner. 


With eScrip's Benefit-Mobile program we earn cash rewards for the gift cards you purchase on your Smart Phone. Enroll with eScrip if you do not have an account and then download the Benefit-Mobile App to your Smart Phone. Download can be done at Google Store or Play Store.


What is Benefit?

How to get started.

How to set up a payment method.

How to pay with purpose using a gift card.

Bashas Donates 6%


Bashas' recharageable gift cards can be purchased for $10 from the church.  The card has a $10 credit on it.  Load your card with an amount prior to check out or at customer service.  Use the gift card to pay for your purchases.  Each time you reload your gift card, Interfaith CommUNITY receives 6% of the amount you add to your card.  If you would like to receive a Bashas’ card, sign up in the lobby.


Linsey Heermans Donates 10 %


L'BRI representative Linsey Heermans generously tithes 10% of her  product sales from our congregation to the church.   Email orders/questions to