Our Community ~ there's a place for you here


This Sanctuary (Author Unknown)

This Sanctuary is a place where hearts, minds, spirituality and human natures are united in love, acceptance, and gratitude.

It supports our friendships, and is a safe and sacred space for teaching & learning, tears & laughter, hope & faith, peace & happiness.

 It is a Sanctuary of freedom, honoring the spiritual integrity and worth of each priceless individual.  

Our Youth


Baking Class

Sacred Ceremony ~ Baby Blessing


Rev. J and our prayer chaplains beautifully provide a blessing for our babies with the love and support of our members.

Special Guest Events


The Tibetan Monks of the Gaden Shartse Monastery Cultural Foundation extended our experience spirituality and metaphysics again in 2018. The Monks were a part of our spiritual community for a week this spring during which time they blessed us with the creation and destruction of a sacred sand mandala.

Holidays in Community


Santa and Mrs. Claus make it every year. It's a fun time for all.

Creative Dance


Aubrey brings us the beauty of dance now and again.



We offer a variety of classes: Kids Baking, Brush Bash Painting, A Course in Miracles, Book Study and more.