Our Community ~ there's a place for you here

This Sanctuary (Author Unknown)

This Sanctuary is a place where hearts, minds, spirituality and human natures are united in love, acceptance, and gratitude.

It supports our friendships, and is a safe and sacred space for teaching & learning, tears & laughter, hope & faith, peace & happiness.

 It is a Sanctuary of freedom, honoring the spiritual integrity and worth of each priceless individual.  

Our Youth

Baking Class

Sacred Ceremony ~ Baby Blessing

Rev. J and our prayer chaplains beautifully provide a blessing for our babies with the love and support of our members.

Special Guest Events

The Tibetan Monks of the Gaden Shartse Monastery Cultural Foundation were with us for a week this spring. They blessed us with the creation and destroying of a sacred sand mandala.  PHOTOS & MORE

Holidays in Community

Santa and Mrs. Claus make it every year. It's a fun time for all.

Creative Dance

Aubrey brings us the beauty of dance now and again.


We offer a variety of classes: Kids Baking, Brush Bash Painting, A Course in Miracles, Book Study and more.