Join Us. We have a rich variety of events every month

Sunday Celebration Services


Our Sunday Services offer a range of topics that cover holy days of varied faiths, throughout the year; honored national holidays, and topics reflecting current happenings in our world. Always, we have a variety of talented musicians providing music, and worship in song.

Study Groups & Workshops


 Members, as well as others, enjoy weekly Course in Miracles study groups and personal and spiritual transformational workshops  such as "inspired Minds", Kinesiology, Brush Bash Parties (painting), Soul Travel and more. 

Kirtan / Drumming / Gongs


We enjoy monthly Spirit Drumming Circles and Kirtan - call and response style community chanting based in the Bhakti yoga tradition. Gong, flute and crystal  bowls performances are common events as well.

Drumming. Energy Healing. Prayer Circles and more.



We are fortunate to house Pranic Healing Saturday mornings, monthly Reiki Shares, Kinesiology sessions and classes, as well as other spiritually founded healing opportunities. 

Interfaith Q&A Forums


 Our monthly Interfaith Forum Q&A allows spiritual leaders to openly share the tenets of their faith and answer questions, dispelling misconceptions and promoting unity. Guests have represented Native American spirituality, Judaism, Unification, Christian Science, and more. 

Concerts & Inspirational Movies


We have Spiritual Cinema every month and regularly schedule concerts of varied genre. Music is a vital part of how we gather.


No upcoming events.