This Sanctuary



This Sanctuary is a place where hearts, minds, spirituality and human natures are united in love, acceptance, and gratitude.

It supports our friendships, and is a safe and sacred space for teaching & learning, tears & laughter, hope & faith, peace & happiness.

It is a Sanctuary of freedom, honoring the spiritual integrity and worth of each priceless individual. 

Here we are committed to the holy expression of Truth through prayer and devotion, meditation and creative expression.

This is a Sanctuary where children and youth are loved, encouraged and respected. It is a place where family unity is honored, no matter what form that family may take.

It is a place where insight and prosperity are cultivated, as we hold to a vision of increased growth, abundance and harmony.

Here we acknowledge diversity in race, religion, spirituality and lifestyle, and embrace the guidance and creativity of Spirit 

This Sanctuary provides a sacred space for our common endeavor; to share the acceptance and encouragement of CommUNITY along our personal path to spiritual enlightenment and peace.  Author Unkown

This Is Our Invitation To You, That You Join Us In This, Our Sanctuary - Our Interfaith Community